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About Us

Walk into Crescent View South Charter High School in Fresno, CA, and you will feel the difference.  No bells, no class clowns, and no drama.  At Crescent View, we focus on providing a SAFE educational environment, so that you may focus on your goal of obtaining a high school diploma.  Our students love the quiet, one-one one attention they receive from their teacher mentors, and with resource centers located throughout California, thousands of students just like you have chosen to succeed with a Learn 4 Life Charter High School.

Crescent View South Charter High School believes that part of its unique mission is to personalize the learning process to meet the ability, pace and interest of the student. In order to achieve this goal, a diagnostic computerized assessment is made of the math and reading ability of all newly registered students. These assessment scores play a very important part in assisting the Supervising Teacher in enrolling the student in classes appropriate to his/her skill level. The academic progress of each student continues to be measured by the same assessment process at the end of each assignment.

Crescent View believes that math and reading skills are the basic components of academic success. To help the student broaden math proficiency, classes of Basic Math Skills, Pre-algebra, Algebra 1 and Geometry are offered.

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